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Dr. Noorallah G. Juma

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University of Alberta

Professor Emeritus
University of Alberta

Focus and Content Development

Salman Productions, through its associated website, SalmanSpiritual.Com (Est. 1999), is committed to promote and advance the development of spiritual and intellectual potential of human beings which leads to the inner vision of the Truth within oneself. We think that human beings have to first make peace with God within themselves and then extend this everlasting peace to their fellow human beings. The focus of this website is higher spiritual enlightenment within an Islamic & Ismaili context.

Salman Productions Publications

In 1994, we published transliterations of three granths (long ginans) of Pir Hasan Kabirdin. The Ana(n)t Akhado consists of 500 verses, the Ana(n)t na Nav Chhuga consists of 90 verses of supplications (giryah-u zari) and the Moti Venti consists of 50 verses of supplications (giryah-u zari). These resources were digitized and augmented with literal translations and audio in 2002, and were made phone-friendly with option of setting recitation schedules in 2018. These and other derivative products can be accessed through the ginan projects page.

The SalmanSpiritual.Com Website

The SalmanSpiritual.Com website was established in 1999. Over the past 20 years, gems of higher spiritual enlightenment have been scattered globally through Holy Qur'an resources, knowledge posts, Holy Ramadan projects, Holy Ginan/Granth recitation projects, and dhikr mp3 tracks. The major sections of the website are:

  1. Our Vision
  2. Holy Qur'an
  3. Knowledge Bank
  4. Holy Ramadan
  5. Dhikr/Prayers
  6. Holy Ginans
  7. Mailing List/Contacts
  8. Audio.SalmanSpiritual.Com
  9. About the Author

We are striving to create new products and are promoting personal search for higher spiritual enlightenment and vision. Please see our work at SalmanSpiritual.Com.

Cosmopolitan Ethic

We believe that the common bond between each person or thing is the soul. Therefore, there is synergy in work in the are of higher spirituality so as to build a better world as descried in the following excerpt of speech made by His Highness the Aga Khan:

"A pluralist commitment is rooted in the essential unity of the human race. Does the Holy Quran not say that mankind is descended from "a single soul?" In an increasingly cosmopolitan world, it is essential that we live by a "cosmopolitan ethic," one that addresses the age-old need to balance the particular and the universal, to honour both human rights and social duties, to advance personal freedom and to accept human responsibility.

Excerpt from the Stephen Ogden Lecture at Brown University delivered by His Highness the Aga Khan on 10th March, 2014

Our motto is:
"Towards the Inner Vision of the Truth"